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Festival de los bandos Rojos y Azules en Majagua

In Majagua the festivals distinguish, since 1983 is celebrated their Festival of parrandas, because the area is characterized by hundreds of parranderos. That accompanied by the three, keys, maracas, güiro, marmbula, bongó, accordion and the typical machete make the singer adjust to the rhythm of music, because it is difficult to improvise.
But in addition to the Parrandas, Culture Week, and the Provincial Dance Festival held in Majagua, the most anticipated party, which is always held for this month of November, is the Red and Blue Party.
During a whole year, its inhabitants participate in secret, according to the preferred color, in the search of customs in the field, they rescue them and they take place during the week of the culture so that it is known by the new generations.
In those days of November, where the party of the parties is celebrated, the houses, buildings, apartments, every corner of Majagua announces the color of its side with flags, balloons, ribbons in hats, even houses with blue signs and Red, confirming that in the same family not all coincide in the election.
The red and blue sides of this village use the characters “Cuba and Liborio” to express the legitimacy of patriotism and national identity.