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Havana Theatre Festival

This little known festival is a great event to attend in Cuba if you are a theatre buff, although a vast majority of the performances are in Spanish. There are theatre presentations for both adults and children, and the event welcomes international theatre groups. Venues are in many of Havana’s theatres across the city and also in open cultural spaces. There are some dance performances incorporated, as well as theatre workshops, conferences, and exhibitions.
Havana can come to resemble Broadway or the West End in October. The hottest tickets in town are for the Theatre Festival, a vibrant celebration of acting and stagecraft. Tickets are cheap, meaning many performances sell out rather quickly. It’s a truly international festival, so it’s not as though you need to speak Spanish in order to see a production that will be engaging and perhaps even haunting. The overall standards of the festival are high, so if you’re not able to get tickets for your first choice, why not take a chance on whatever still has available seats?