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A Different PaZillo
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

The hamburger and tapas bar, PaZillo, is the only private site in vogue in Havana where you can enjoy a varied live music program.

Around these days, when it is celebrating its first anniversary, it already classifies as a space won over from the capital’s nightlife, although starting noon its bar and its stoves offer interesting proposals in a relaxing chill out atmosphere.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

As the name suggests, its principal area is a corridor, of the typical lateral spaces of El Vedado mansions (5ta, between 4 and 6), a few meters from the Malecón.

The name, according to what its owner, Maikel Paz, said to OnCuba, is a spelling mistake which he detected among the proposals for names. And he saw that it worked better that way because in addition it had the z from his surname.

Open, warn and illuminated, this innovative site is sensual and attractive beyond its environment’s view and atmosphere. Its variety and value for money turns it into an indispensable place to meet with friends, socialize and chat, accompanied by mild melodies as well as the well-known live presentations of the best contemporary Cuban music.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

Creating a different night with carefully chosen and diverse good music was the criterion of its founders. Breaking with the superficial imposed by the cultural industry, in the environment music as well as in the live presentations, continues being their objective.

Its stage has been graced by the performance of artists of dissimilar styles and generations: Ray Fernández, David Torrens, Frank Delgado, Raúl Torres, Reinier Mariño and Grethel Barreiro, among others. Very important: no reguetón or popular dance music, just sound related to the peaceful atmosphere perceived right from when you enter.

Thematic activities are also carried out like PaZillo Pride, dedicated to an open and unprejudiced public, among other events in addition to the music.

Its easygoing and original decoration favors the sensorial experience of those who go to this original PaZillo. Its service, intimate, personalized and colloquial, makes clients feel at home and wanting to return.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

A menu is proposed in tune with the decoration. It has three areas: a garden with a comfortable couch and cushions, ideal for a group of friends; an interior area with the bar, stage and tables, which remains open or with AC, and the lateral corridor, which has been well taken advantage of with tables and stools, excellent for the evenings and to taste the gastronomic offer. Patrons can find more than 50 combinations of hamburgers with diverse garnishing, aggregates, sauces and breads together with varied tapas. They are already famous for their quality, size and unique recipes, the beef as well as the lamb, pork and chicken ones.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.

Another of the right moves made by the PaZillo is its varied cocktails. More than 150 cocktails, some exclusive to the site because of the complex elaborations and the raw material used to prepare them. They follow the international tendencies like mixology, while offering traditional cocktails and others based on versions like the favorite of many; the Mojito PaZillo, made with 7-year rum, fresh rosemary, white wine and soda water.

There are cocktails for all tastes and a wide range of fixed rums prepared in the house. Right now they have 23 flavors; it is the only place in Cuba with this offer that has been very welcomed by the public. The rum is “fixed” through the maceration of several plants and spices or mixing it with juices. It can also be fixed with almost everything, and it is drunk as an aperitif or digestive, in addition to providing its aroma in some dishes. According to the waiters, the favorite is the one with hot spices, although the one with sugarcane and coffee grains has a special charm.

Photo: Event created on Facebook by Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Event created on Facebook by Bar Pazillo.

“The base of all of them is Havana Club Añejo Blanco and we serve it on boards. Not many leave the place without tasting the novelty. A client tasted them all in one same night, others become addicted and try new ones in each visit,” Paz added.

PaZillo is an atypical bar that is complemented with the attention and quality of a sincere and authentic gastronomic proposal.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Pazillo.