Make it Personal

Customize your own experience with us!

Do you have a special request?
Would you like to make some changes to OnCuba Travel’s standard itineraries?
Do you have your own ideas of how you would like your trip to be?
We’ll work with you to make your wishes come true!

It’s always good to plan your trip with a travel agency that will help you carry out your detailed itinerary. We know there’s a great deal of anxiety in Cuba at the moment but we OnCuba Travel will help you along every step of the way!

Teachers and professors.

We will be at your side to design an itinerary that meets your academic goals, curriculum requirements and includes hands-on experiences that will stay with your students for a lifetime. Together, we’ll create a trip that expands your students’ minds, building a bridge between Cuba and the United States, addressing Cuban culture, history, heritage and everyday life with a human approach.

Groups and individuals.

We’ll include all the customization, ground logistic support and real experiences you desire and we’ll make it easy for you. Let your imagination run wild!

Do customized trips cost more than standard trips?

No. The trip could be more or less like our standard itineraries. We’ll work with you to include amazing experiences within a budget you can afford.

How do you customize the trip?

Our travel experts will work closely with you to design the itinerary that meets your criteria for learning, adventure and fun. Our team works hard to create and coordinate projects that will turn your dreams into reality.

Is there a minimum group size for a customized trip?

No. We customize trips for student groups, teachers and professors, groups of colleagues or friends and family. We recommend maximum group sizes of 20 participants. Keep in mind the trip cost will decrease as the number of participants increases.

Free Travel

Trip leaders can still travel for free on a customized trip! Just like the itinerary, we’ll work with you on the trip cost, group size and offering free travel for the trip leader.

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Complete the information requested below and be sure to include your visions and goals for the trip. As soon as we receive it, we’ll contact you to get started.