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OnCuba Travel Testimonial

OMG – On-Cuba should also be labeled as the Match-Maker Travel Company on one of those dating sites because they made me fall in love with Cuba. My plan was to visit Cuba as a tourist and I came away as wanting to be a Travel Partner with On-Cuba. From soup to nuts they were professional the whole way. It began with working with Yaima who customized my itinerary when requested. She was also very professional, pleasant and delivered all the necessary paperwork/documentation in a timely manner. Upon arriving in Cuba our guide Gretel and the driver was very professional, knowledgeable and literally went out of their way to make sure our stay was perfect. They were never late each morning and gave our group options to make the day even better. As one of the last to leave the country on my trip I had to tell Gretel she could go home I will be fine at the Airport as she was going to wait until I checked through – that’s service! As the owner of a small tour company – Motherland Connextions, I was looking with a critical eye. Everything was tight, I even learned some tips in the trade and our meal choices were 4-star. I actually had to photograph everything I ate because the presentation was so incredible. I’m one of those people who champion the immersion & experiential experience of any trip. My motto – “do the tour the way you expect it to be done for you” & almost anyone can do a tour but, not everyone can service all the various needs that come up within that tour” On-Cuba has it perfected, and delivered! It will be your best experience ever as it was mine.

Kevin Cottrell
Motherland Connextions Inc. New York