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Visiting Cuba from the USA in 2023: Your Cuban Visa and all the travel Questions, Answered!

By: Yaima Paez

Monday May 29th, 2023

Visiting Cuba from the USA: Your Cuban Visa and all the Travel Questions, Answered!

Pack your bags because we’ve got your back! But before embarking on your Cuban trip, let’s review some commonly asked questions about obtaining a Cuban visa.

  1. Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba from the USA? How can I obtain a Cuban visa? Picture this: you’re about to embark on a journey to Cuba, and the first step is getting your hands on that visa! We can do that for you and answer any questions you have. But don’t worry. We have a special summer deal, and your visa will only cost $75. Reach out for more details or start the process here. Plus, we have great suggestions of hotels, tours, and insider tips (hint: at OnCubaTravel, our team of travel experts are Cubans!).
  2. What documents are required for a Cuban visa application? Get your documents ready! You’ll need a passport with at least six months of validity left, a completed visa application form, and proof of your travel arrangements (think flight tickets, itinerary, etc).
  3. How long does it take to get a Cuban visa? The visa processing time can vary, so planning ahead is always a good idea. Start the application process a few weeks before your anticipated departure date to ensure you have enough time for the process and any necessary adjustments. Time flies when you’re excited, right?
  4. What type of visa should I apply for as a tourist? With People-to-People travel and the travel licenses restored by the Biden-Harris administration, Americans can travel to Cuba, and enjoy cultural, artistic, and educational activities. There are twelve themes under which Americans can legally visit Cuba, including one called “support to the Cuban people”.  If you have questions and you feel ready to organize your trip, email us! ([email protected]) or reach out to learn more and start planning. OnCubaTravel is based in the United States and we are licensed to provide travel services to Americans. 
  5. Can I apply for a Cuban visa online? Guess what? That is when we come handy! We can handle the visa, and everything else you might need, so you only focus on the fun! At OnCubaTravel, we have +7 years of experience providing services in the USA to travel to Cuba. 

Ready to make your 2023 summer trip to Cuba come true?  Check certified, locally-guided excursions, programs, hotels, cars, travelers experience and more here! 

Nos vemos!