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Looking for an easy and secure way to get a visa to travel to Cuba legally?

Let OnCuba Travel assist you with all the details and travel requirements.

Welcome to OnCuba Travel’s Visa/Tourist Card page. As an international destination, Cuba requires that all visitors have a tourist card or visa to enter the country. If you need assistance, our travel experts are available to assist you with the entry requirements to travel to Cuba legally from the US or other international points of departure.

Our simple two-step process will prepare all the paperwork you need to enjoy your trip to Cuba.

Buy your Travel Visa for Cuba right now for just $75.

Travelers Born in Cuba – Tourist Cards are not valid for individuals born in Cuba. If you were born in Cuba, and would like to learn more about the Entry Process, please contact us at [email protected]. Our travel experts are available to assist you.

**Please note that visa requests received on weekends or holidays will not be processed until the next business day.

Need help or have questions regarding this application? Contact us!