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Matamoros Son Festival (Biennial)

This tribute to son and Miguel Matamoros is one of the most prestigious musical events taking place in Cuba, and especially in the hot land of Santiago de Cuba. From now on we invite all lovers of the genre to participate in the XVII edition of the Son Festival that will undoubtedly be a great party of popular dance music.
The Festival of Son is set in the city of Santiago de Cuba- the birthplace of much of Cuba’s music. The festival is a tribute to one of the most famous names and most important composers in Cuban Music – Miguel Matamoros – who was born Santiago de Cuba in 1894. This festival is a meeting of many famous traditional music musicians in Cuba who are joined by international artists from all over the world.
The festival involves a multitude of seemingly endless concerts, lectures on music Cuban music, dances, workshops, book and CD launches, and dance competitions in traditional Cuban styles such as cha-cha-cha, son, salsa, casino, mambo, and danzon. Performances take place in many of the well-known venues around the city including: Casa de la Musica, Casa de la Trova, Teatro Heredia, Salon del Son, and Casa de los Dos Abuelos.