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CDR Anniversary

The CDR (Comité de Defensa de la Revolución) is the neighborhood level socialist organization of the Cuban populace. Every Cuban resident is part of a CDR which may constitute just a dozen houses on one block of city street. The CDRs have regular meetings to communicate news and changes from the Cuban government, and to coordinate their neighborhood to protect it against crime and to discourage antisocial behavior. Each CDR has specific local residents appointed in positions of authority and responsibility, such as a president. CDR meetings can be serious and somber, but also involve activities and fun to help neighbors get to know each other and to gel the neighborhood.
The CDR anniversary is one of the most festive CDR meetings of the year and can be a great opportunity for visitors to Cuba to meet and interact with everyday Cubans, especially if you are staying in a local guesthouse. It plays out more like a veritable street party. A caldosa stew is cooked in a big pot on the street over a wood-fire and games are played by the children.