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IV Edition Patria Grande Festival

The fourth edition of the Patria Grande Festival of Latin American and Caribbean Music will be held in Havana from Friday 22 to October 5, with the participation of renowned bands and soloists from Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina and Cuba. The event will bring together the rock groups Salón Victoria, Los Revueltas, Pashpak, Nepentes, and Argentine singer Fidel Nadal, member of the ensemble Todos tus muertos, who will perform as a soloist. Cuban groups and musicians Zeus, Teamgla’o, Jorgito Kamancola, Cruzada, Athanai, Toques del Rio, Stoner, Honey with lemon and Habalama will rise to the venues of the meeting, such as the Pavilion Cuba, La Madriguera and Salón Rosado de the Tropical, all with free admission. The 50th anniversary of the fall in combat of the Heroic Guerrilla and the ten years of the Cuban Rock Agency will be dedicated on this occasion Patria Grande, event will extend to other provinces of the country, especially areas affected by Hurricane Irma.