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OnCuba Travel is a subsidiary of Fuego Enterprises, a holdings company with operations in media, entertainment, travel, and telecommunications. Hugo Cancio, President and CEO of Fuego Enterprises, is an internationally-renowned expert on the Cuban business environment and culture. He is an active proponent of Cuba’s reconciliation and economic growth.

OnCuba Travel specializes in creating unique experiences through a plethora of products and services that allow international travelers to experience the real Cuba. Simply said, we understand and speak Cuba better than anyone else. We’ve extensively explored, connected, and have developed an extensive network of professionals in Cuba that allow us to create unforgettable curated experiences and lifelong memories for our travelers.

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¿Qué es Katapulk Marketplace?

Katapulk es un Marketplace que ofrece el servicio de compras por internet para Cuba desde cualquier lugar del mundo.
Los clientes pueden realizar el pedido online para Cuba desde el extranjero a través de sus celulares o computadoras accediendo a la página web de Katapulk Marketplace.