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Day 1 — Miami to Havana
Depart Miami this morning on a charter flight to Havana. Arrive at the casas or Hotel in Havana to unpack. Short orientation meeting. We will take a brief walk around the area with our tour leader to familiarize the group with neighborhood and points of interest such as: Bancos, for exchanging money; Etecsa, for buying cell phone cards and internet; grocery stores for buying snacks and water; and local wifi spots so you can check in with their families and friends back home.

People-to-People Connection: We will head over to the offices of OnCuba.

We will enjoy lunch,  at “Atelier”.

We will then transition to a afternoon tour of breathtaking Havana in classic American convertible cars. We offer you and your guest a wide range of classic cars like Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Cadillac, Mercury, Dodge, Oldsmobile and Pontiac.

The group will enjoy a ride along the Malecon to El Morro.  Here we will take pictures of the sweeping cityscape of Havana from the bay entrance and will stop at some of the most iconic places throughout Havana: We will take a time to visit Antonio Maceo Park and discuss his impact on Cuban history.

People-to-People Connection: Dinner will be at “La Moraleja” where you will be joined by VIP guests, performers, university professors, and other Cuban experts of history, culture, and art.

After dinner we will take a short panoramic tour around the old city to Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

Day 2 —Havana
Breakfast at hotel

With our guide we will explore and outline the history of the city and of African settlement and presence in the city .Neighborhoods of Havana: Santos Suárez, La Vibora, El Cerro, Marianao, Miramar, El Vedado, Centro Habana, and Old Havana.

After we have lunch at “Dona Eutimia” paladar .

People-to-People Connection: After that We continue on to the statue of El Christo and end at the museum of Afro-Cuban Religions in Regla, a working class town built around the Church of the Black Virgin, shrineto Yemayá.

After visiting the church,we will  visit the studio of the late artist Canet and meet with the Historian of Regla, Pedro Cosme Baños. From there walk to the Museo de Regla

We will walk along Calle Aramburu to Callejon de Hamel;

People-to-People Connection: The Casa de África is devoted to research and the promotion of African culture and how it has shaped and defined Cuban culture.

Dinner at El Cocinero on own which is as just as much about the Havana arts scene as it is about food. Built into the same building as the Fabrica de Arte Cubano

People-to-People Connection: The night ends with a visit next door to Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) on own entrance

Day 3 —Havana- Matanzas
Breakfast at Hotel Day trip to Matanzas

People-to-People Connection: We will explore the historic city of Matanzas on foot,  a showcase of splendid colonial architecture.

People-to-People Connection: After lunch we will visit  San Severino Castle and the Museum of the Slave Trade.We will then travel to Jovellanos, where families trace their ancestry in Beinin, Angola, Congo.

This day we continues to Varadero and enjoyed the beautiful beach. On late afternoon we return to Habana and Spend the evening  exploring other culturally and historically significant landmarks in Havana.

This evening, we’ll have farewell  dinner at San Cristobal paladar.

Day 4
Breakfast at Hotel

People-to-People Connection: After lunch, visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts to explore the museum’s Cuban collection to learn how the country’s history and diverse cultures have influenced its art.

People-to-People Connection: Next, visit the University of Havana and enjoy a guided tour of the historic campus with students and school representatives. Engage in a Q&A session with a panel of Cuban experts from different fields to discuss such topics as economics, women’s rights and the future outlook of their country.

Departure for Jose Marti Airport. Check in. Flight to Miami International Airport. Board departure flight – Arrive in Miami