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Terms and conditions

I. The subscriptions and payments for the services offered covers only the program schedule on Cuba. These fees cover the transportation (any via: Air or maritime) to or from Cuba. Once in Cuba, the fees also cover your mobility and transportation during and related to the schedule. All the services included in the program are guaranteed at the moment of the payment, and right after, instantly, you will be given a receipt guarantee of your payment and services to be enjoyed. Our offers may change without prior notice to the customer. Among our services you could buy licensed charter air from Miami to Cuba, Cuban visa and any other provisions of air service included in the package purchased. Those not booked flight packages could be subject to change.

II. Our customers agree to pay the full cost of the reserved package which provides security and safety of reserved deals and their quality. These deals includes lodgings, transportation and meals, as well as activities and visits within the program.

III. OnCuba Travel reserves the right to accept or reject a person member of a pre departure group tour to Cuba and the cancellation of any of the programs that our customers wish to participate. In case of any cancellation by the agency or a client, the total amount of money paid to the agency by the user to be reinstated except the cost of the plane ticket. In the event that the cancellation was the result of non-payment of dues both the program of flights in the appropriate time, by the customer; as well as due to actions from any of the governments of both nations, in which case our agency deducted from the total refund, that amount spent on the management of any of the programs. The agency shall not be liable for any other type of refund that is not recorded in the above. Cancellations by our customers will only be effective in writing and sent via email to our office. Our agency invests time, resources and qualified personnel preparing all activities of the program prior to the departure of the groups to their destinations. Therefore, if customers cancel their participation in the program previously payment, reimbursement by our agency will be effected as follows:

A fee of 200 dollars shall be paid on a non-refundable one once the program is reserved. If the cancellation of reservation is made prior to 60 days before the date of initial flight, the penalty is for the penalties imposed by pre booking airfare.

For cancellations between 60 and 45 days before the flight date is Customer penalizes worth 30% of total program (and additional penalties imposed by pre booking ticket air).

For cancellations between 45 and 30 days prior to the date of flight Oncuba retain 50% of the program established APRA and additional penalties imposed by pre booking Airplane ticket.

For cancellations between 30 and 15 days prior to the date of flight Oncuba Travel retain 75% of the amount established APRA program and additional penalties imposed by the pre reserve airfare.

Cancellations made 15 days or less prior to the date of flight, the customer will not be refunded any amount for which there previously paid.


IV. Changes made by users, program changes as well as changes in the start dates will be considered cancellations and will be addressed in accordance with the previously discussed policy cancellations. Changes made by users shall be subject to any additional payment due to the change of the original rates of our suppliers both transportation and accommodation.

V. Flights to Cuba from the United States are operated and arranged by an authorized OFAC’s service travel provider. Flights to Cuba are authorized monthly by the Department of Transportation of the United States, the Cuban Government, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Our agency receives a permit to fly difference between 15 and 45 days before departure, so we strongly recommend to our customers until we await confirmation of flight then to reserve their domestic flights. Oncuba Travel is not responsible for missed flights, canceled or delayed.

VI. Our customers are responsible for the legal status and conditions of validity of their passports. Those who hold a foreign passport, green card, American visa, or use special passport shall be responsible to the relevant authorities of their own status to return to the United States. Our agency will not be made responsible for the denial of visas to Cuba by the Cuban government or its reentry into the United States for immigration reasons. Each customer will be responsible for maintaining order and properly updated personal identification documents and travel documents. The Government of Cuba reserves the right to grant or deny visas.

VII. Our agency recognizes that citizens born in Cuba, the Cuban government gives special treatment in the granting of visas. This process could take between 8 and 12 weeks or suggest you all the paperwork in time. Our agency is not responsible for any delay or refusal by the Cuban government in granting visas to those born in Cuba.

VIII. We give the best of our time, knowledge and effort for you to feel good and to fully comply with the agenda agreed on the package of your trip. However, there might be circumstances beyond our control and beyond our control force us to rethink our plans, but should happen, we reserve the right to re-schedule our activities and schedules. Our agency reserves the right to substitute hotels if necessary.

IX. Our customers should notify at the time of booking if you suffer or suffer from disabilities, allergies or any other physical or mental condition. will make all possible efforts and we make every effort to try to get those customers in need of specific attention because of their health or condition, receive the best treatment and to actively participate in all our programs. OnCuba Travel will make every attempt and we make every effort to try to get those customers in need of specific attention because of their health or condition, receive the best treatment and to actively participate in all our programs. Still, we are not responsible for any reluctance that companies of flights from the United States, carriers and hosts Cubans to disability and health condition of our customers. Our agency will put our team in function of the wellbeing of our customers, but will not provide personal assistance to customers who require support both when traveling, climbing stairs, eating or other activity that requires permanent assistance. The customers requiring permanent specialized care must travel with their assistants which also qualify as clients which have the same duties and rights as the rest of our users.

X. By the nature of our programs, we recommend that all our clients are over 12 years, which does not exclude any case it previously analyzed and discussed with and by our team.