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El Biky, a Gastronomic Experience
l Biky. Photo: Izuky Pérez.
El Biky. Photo: Izuky Pérez.

Right where the centric Infanta Street merges with San Lázaro stands El Biky, a place with an interesting and diverse gastronomic proposal that in November will be celebrating three years of its inauguration.

The acceptance it has had, among Cuban society as well as among foreign visitors, speaks of its undeniable and sustained quality. It is an atypical non-agricultural cooperative, located on a two-floor building that was carefully restored for this purpose, after remaining closed for 11 years.

Cocina de El Biky. Foto: Izuky Pérez.
Foto: Izuky Pérez.

In its diverse spaces it is possible to have breakfast as well as spending an enjoyable evening. “Many clients come attracted by the pastry shop and then they choose something more: cafeteria, restaurant, bar,” Jorge Ibrahim, in charge of Public Relations and Human Resources, said to OnCuba.

The complex, a haven of peace despite the hustle and bustle of the city streets where it is located, stands out for its flavors and the quality of the raw materials with which they make their products.

Cafetería, restaurante, bar. Foto: Izuky Pérez.
Foto: Izuky Pérez.

Two floors, different menus, similar quality. The first floor has a bar and comfortable tables. With a rather informal trend, it is appropriate to make an early connection with relatives and friends and enjoy light and other more elaborate foods.

Both menus are made based on organic ingredients available in the national market. The chef, with his expertise, adds a touch of elegance and creativity to each dish.

Dos pisos, cartas distintas, similar calidad. Foto: Izuky Pérez.
Foto: Izuky Pérez.

The decoration of all the areas (cafeteria, restaurant, pastry shop, bar café and restaurant on the top floor) is subtle and sober. The impeccable interior design functions as a declaration of love for vintage Havana from the walls, a sort of imbricated homage to the minimal and contemporary furniture that guarantees the guests’ comfort. The lighting contributes a unique visualization.

El Biky’s most recent proposal is the top-floor restaurant that, in addition, has a terrace for those who prefer enjoying the open air or simply combining a cigar with one of the select elixirs available in the bar. Ideal for celebrating an anniversary or a special occasion, this elegant, sophisticated and alluring space provides a stylized, author and design cuisine, according to the current international tendencies and standards.

The Cuban as well as international bread and pastry shop is very much in demand. A few months ago they implemented a new and successful line of exclusive cakes.

The cocktails in any of its bars are surprising since the drinks are constantly evolving in flavors, textures and presentation.

Una declaración de amor a La Habana vintage desde las paredes. Foto: Izuky Pérez.
Foto: Izuky Pérez.

The Bar Café on the corner of Concordia is, like the other areas of the complex, a smoke-free space, with two levels, more intimate and welcoming, from where orders can be made from the restaurant cafeteria.

“What is it that characterizes us the most?” asks and responds Ibrahim on behalf of his fellow workers: “The fact that we have continued as we started, as we promised, defending our menu and its quality and with the same strategy of working with products available in the domestic market. Our raison d’être is the service, we don’t simply want to sell food and drinks; we sell a gastronomic experience. Respect for the client is fundamental. For example, when there isn’t a certain ingredient, the product doesn’t come out, we don’t change the flavor of any of the dishes, because that would be disrespectful to guests who already know what they come seeking for when they get to us.” 

Exquisite breads and pastries, stylized cuisine, several bars, restaurant, cafeteria…. What more do you have left to do?

We want to participate in other market segments with a diverse proposal, much more economical but with the same quality and excellent service. We hope to reach the humblest public with our products. It’s a sort of important social function, with the community in mind, as part of our city that lacks places with low prices and interesting offers. That proposal is thought out for a university student or persons with limited resources to be able to consume and come out satisfied.

The sensorial experience of those who come here is complemented with good service and the quality of our sincere and authentic culinary proposal. One day anyone can be different if they choose El Biky. Remember that 200 persons are working there for you.

El Biky, en Infanta y San Lázaro. Foto: Izuky Pérez.
El Biky, Infanta y San Lázaro. Foto: Izuky Pérez.